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Evaluating Early Pay-Per-Click Advertising Campaign Performance

Pay-Per-Click Advertising is one of the fastest digital marketing solutions to generate leads. However, desired results are not always immediate and are impacted by numerous factors, including your budget. BrightFire recommends allowing at least 90 days to judge the performance of new campaigns.

New Google Ads campaigns go through an initial Learning Period. This Learning Period lasts for approximately 30 days. During the Learning Period, Google Ads experiments to gather data on clicks and conversions. This can cause inconsistent results in the early stages of the campaign.

After the Learning Period ends, Google Ads uses its data to optimize audience targeting. This generally correlates with improved campaign performance and more consistent results.

Google Ads campaigns also require ongoing management, such as Search Query Reports and Bid Adjustments. To make these adjustments, BrightFire analyzes performance data and metrics at regular intervals over time.

Over the course of 90 days, trends and patterns in data can emerge that might not be clear in the first few weeks. By analyzing data over time, agents can gain a better understanding of their campaign's impact and results.

The information above is specific to Google Ads. Microsoft Advertising campaigns follow similar guidelines.

Evaluating Early Pay-Per-Click Advertising Campaign Performance