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Solicitations from Google Ads Representatives

After your Google Ads campaign is enabled, you may receive communications from Google Ads Account Representatives requesting to schedule a meeting with you to discuss campaign recommendations and optimizations.

It’s important to take Google Ads Account Representatives’ recommendations with a grain of salt, as Google incentivizes them to increase advertiser budgets.

They will most likely recommend a larger budget and enabling “Auto-Apply Recommendations,” which allows Google Ads to make campaign management decisions on your behalf, which reduces audience targeting control of the campaign.

BrightFire strongly advises against enabling Auto-Apply Recommendations. As a best practice, we disable this feature by default on every campaign we manage.

Google Ads Account Representatives may also refer to your “Campaign Optimization Score” as evidence of your campaign needing improvements.

However, the Campaign Optimization Score is based on what percentage of Google’s recommendations have been enabled versus dismissed. This percentage can fluctuate over time depending on several factors and is not an accurate gauge of a campaign’s performance.

If Google Ads Account Representatives contact you, you can direct them to contact BrightFire via support@brightfire.com or simply ignore their communications.