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Google Ads Billing FAQs

  • How does Google Ads automatic billing work?
    • Google Ads sets a billing threshold when a new account is created. Google Ads will bill your payment method automatically when your billing threshold is reached. You will also be automatically billed for any remaining balance on the first of the month.
  • How can I view my balance and billing transaction history?
    • Sign into your Google Ads account. Select “Tools & Settings” > “Billing” > “Billing Activity.” Please note that billing activity is not updated in real time.
  • How can I update or change my payment method?
    • Sign into your Google Ads account. Select “Tools & Settings” > “Billing” > “Payment Methods.” From your Payment Methods screen, you will be able to edit your existing payment method, add a new payment method, or remove a payment method. Please note that you will not be able to remove the only payment method on the account without adding a new payment method.
  • Can I make manual payments?
    • Yes, you can make manual payments at any time. Sign into your Google Ads account. Select “Tools & Settings” > “Billing” > “Summary” > “Make A Payment.”
  • Can I export my billing statements from Google Ads?
    • Yes. Sign into your Google Ads account. Select “Tools & Settings” > “Billing” > “Documents.” Documents for the previous month’s activity are usually available by the 5th business day of the following month.
  • What happens if a Google Ads payment fails?
    • If a Google Ads payment fails, Google Ads will keep attempting to automatically charge the payment on the account. If a backup payment method is added to the account, Google Ads will also attempt to bill it. Google Ads will temporarily pause your account immediately if it is unable to bill your payment method, meaning that your ads will not show while there is an outstanding balance.
  • What happens if I cancel my Google Ads campaign while I still have a remaining balance?
    • Google Ads will continue to automatically bill your payment method, either when the billing threshold is reached or on the first of the month. After your balance is resolved, you should receive no further charges from Google Ads.

If you have any questions or issues concerning your Google Ads billing, please submit a support ticket and a BrightFire representative will reach out to assist you.