Clear Your Browser's Cookies

What Is A Browser Cookie?

Cookies are text files containing various information about a specific website visit. Whenever you go to a website, your browser catalogs these cookies and remembers them the next time you visit that same site.

Think of cookies as packages of data that a website hands over to your browser whenever you first visit. Every time you come back to this same page, your browser will pass the package back so that the website can use the relevant information it gathered during your first visit. If you’ve ever used the “Remember Me” function to save your username or password so that you didn’t have to log in each time you visited a site, you have cookies to thank.

However, since cookies are stored information, they can sometimes cause issues if a website gets updated, but your browser still tries to load it with old information. In these cases, you will want to clear your browser’s cookies in much the same way that you clear your browser’s cache. Simply click the appropriate link below to learn how to clear your cookies.

If you are not sure what browser you are using, you can find out here.

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