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Can I delete a review using BrightFire's Engage Dashboard?

BrightFire strives to deliver a more simple and organized way of promoting authentic reviews across the web. BrightFire understands how genuine online reviews allow customers to make informed purchase decisions. These reviews work as customers believe in the authentic experiences of real people.

However, BrightFire does not allow deletion of reviews, good or bad, alike.


Businesses can contact the review website directly to report inappropriate third-party reviews. If the issue is resolved, and the review is removed or altered, the change will also be reflected on the BrightFire platform.

Here are a few scenarios where a business may report a review:

  1. Fake review
  2. Duplicate review
  3. Incomplete review
  4. Profanity used in a review


There are many review sites that are open to businesses reporting a false review; however, do not try reporting negative reviews. Though you can’t prevent every bad review, you can be prepared for when it happens. Having a plan for responding to negative reviews will prepare you for the inevitable.

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